Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tax Break Sale!!!

Happy tax day AND Happy 21st birthday to my beautiful daughter Paige!! Time goes by so fast. I remember the exact moment she was born and it seems like yesterday. I love you Paige Nicole!! You changed my life. 
On to the sale!! My ENTIRE store is on sale for 15% off. I would like to highlight a few items for you! I created these first few packs based on the book, "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." I wanted to use the same book when I introduced each comprehension skill. It has helped! This is a story that the kids are already familiar's easy to refer back to because they never get tired of it. My intentions when creating this, was to have it all in one. Well, it ended up being too big to upload to TpT as one file. So, I had to separate them. You can view each item by clicking on the preview picture :-)
This is Set #1. It includes: Cause and Effect, Compare and Contrast, Main Idea and Details, Classify and Categorize, Draw Conclusions, and Realism and Fantasy.
 This is Set #2. It includes: Author, Illustrator, Plot, Character, Sequence of Events, Setting and some response sheets (not shown). 

This is my Making Connections Set! I use these in the Library Station AND my Listening Station.

I created all of these with polka dot backgrounds. If this doesn't work for your classroom theme, then email me. I would be willing to create custom posters for you!

Make sure you follow my store! I will be adding more FREEBIES there!!


  1. This would be a perfect companion to my Goldilocks Rule.

  2. Just found your blog through Pinterst. I teach in Missouri, but grew up in Nebraska. Just wanted to stop and say hello. Go Big Red!

  3. hello! i don't see where I can download or buy these anchor charts for reading! Thanks! They're great!