Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BOGGLE and Daily 5!

I have been reading "The Daily 5" by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. I really want to start this day 1 next year with my Kinders! This Summer I plan on hosting a book study! I hope you will join me. You can order your book here:

You can also get "The CAFE Book" by Boushey and Moser. 

One of the fun things that I have found that I can do with my kiddos for Word Work is "BOGGLE!" I found the idea on Pinterest...Loooooove me some Pinterest.....who doesn't!? Well, it lead me to a fabulous blog that I wasn't already following! Click on her button and it will take you to her BOGGLE post. If you're not already a follower, then make sure you add her to your list!
I immediately began thinking...HOW CAN I USE THIS!? I know most of you are like me....everything has to match, right?! I immediately began creating my own. I will use this as soon as I introduce all 26 letters (first 26 days of school). You can read about how introduce letters/sounds by clicking picture below.
Back to BOGGLE! Back to BOGGLE! LOL! Anywhooo, I will create a BOGGLE board and will incorporate this into word work. Now, the original board has 16 letters. I will not start with that many. I will start with one vowel and a couple of consonants. I am still thinking the best way to have them write the words!? Any thoughts? I do have a recording sheet in the FREEBIE, but I only included 5 lines. I can create one with more. I wonder if this could be used as "Morning Work" or "Wake Up With Words Work" You could create a BOGGLE journal. Hmmmm?! Let's work on this! :-) Anyway, I wanted to give it to you so you could print and laminate now!! I hope you enjoy it!!

I cut out the big BOGGLE letters and glued them to black construction paper...to make them POP! 
These are the darling letters!! I only have UC letters right now. I might add LC later :-)


  1. Our school is implementing Daily 5 next year! I would love to participate in your book study. I have already read part of the Daily 5 book and would love to hear other teachers ideas and suggestions for organizing, managing, and implementing!

    "Spot"light on Kindergarten

  2. I would love to participate in the book study. These two books are already sitting on my nightstand waiting for "free time"! LOL

    The Eagle's Nest

  3. Thank you so much! These are adorable :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  4. I've read most of the Daily 5 book and have been implementing parts of it this school year. I would love to participate in your book study.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  5. I would love to participate in your book study, please let me know when it is starting.

  6. My school also will be implementing this next year. I love to join your bookstudy.

  7. I have already bought both of these books, they are on my to-do list for this summer. I would love to participate in the book study! I also bought your Letter Land pack, can't wait to use it!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  8. Love the boggle! Thanks so much! I just found your blog and love it so far!


    Lohren Nolan

  9. I would love to learn more about Daily 5. Count me in for your book study!

  10. I have been doing the daily 5 for a few years, but would still love to hear other teachers' ideas! I have not read the CAFE book, and don't know much about it so would be VERY interested!

  11. What a beautiful Boggle game! Thanks so very much for sharing it!

    Lori (luvyorkies@gmail.com)
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  12. Hi! You were one of the first blogs I began following last year before I had a teaching job. I absolutely love you and this book study idea! I have already read this book, but want to reread to began the program in my classroom next year. This is absolutely perfect! Great idea, girl!

  13. I did a book study at my school on this book and implemented several parts into my room for this year! When the study starts I would love to participate and share/hear ideas!!
    Stephanie, PA

  14. Love the Boggle activity!!! Stephanie,PA

  15. I read the Daily 5 a couple years ago when a co-worker lent it to me, but I did not start doing it in my classroom until this year. Since I don't have the book I know I am not doing it exactly like it was explained, but I still like it. I would love more ideas though, so the book study will be great! Thanks!! :)

  16. Boggle...this is a great idea. I actually just did this with my whole class. First, I modeled a couple of words that could be made using some of the letters from the game board. Then gave them 5 min. or so to come up with as many words as they could. I was amazed at some of the words the were coming up with (clear, air, sloppy, child)! It was a good activity for both my higher readers as well as my lower readers/writers.

  17. I have both books and would love to be part of the book study. I would like to do The Daily Five in Sept.

  18. I'm looking forward to your book study. I've been reading The Daily Five and have heard such wonderful things about it. I'm looking forward to trying it next year with my second graders.

    Sally from ElementaryMatters

  19. I read the book a few years ago but then switched to math/science. I am headed to Kinder next year though (yay!!!) and I would love to participate in the book study! I am also thinking about setting up the boggle board with a word family in mind.... Thanks for all your amazing ideas!

  20. Thanks for the cute ideas and the new blog to follow!!


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog
    My TpT Store

  21. I would love to be part of the book study...I have the Daily 5 Book and will be implementing it in the classroom next school year. Please keep me posted...


  22. This is so cute!! Where did you get the cute frames and polka dot backgrounds? Thanks!!

    Miss J

    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  23. I would love to join your book study. I heard "the sisters" speak at a conference this year. They were terrific. I'm teaching Kindergarten next year and would love to have some advice on how to implement this!

  24. I just started the Daily 5 2 weeks ago. I wanted to give it a test run while I have these mature, almost-first graders handy. I am ready to start it next year! I would love to see how others are organizing & managing their daily 5, I want to get my whole kinder team on board!
    Lookng forward to the book study!

  25. BOOK STUDY? Did I hear Book Study? YAY!! I hae both of these books, sitting on a shelf! YES I would LOVE to participate! Maybe this will motivate me to get things going next year!!! =-)

  26. These Boggle letter are GORGE-ous! I would love to have lowercase too if you can swing it! Thanks so much! And I am a new follower!


  27. Thanks for the great post. I would love to join in a book study for Daily 5. Please keep me posted.


  28. I so want to join this study. I'm reading Debbie Diller's Math Station book right now. Next on my list is the Daily 5. I hope to "marry" these together. :) Please shoot me an email when you start. I don't want to miss it!

  29. I would love to join a book study! I have both of those books - they are great! I am hoping to incorporate more of their ideas into my classroom next year.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  30. I am so going to join your book study! I love the book and did a book study but it didn't have many K teachers and things grades 1 and 2 can do we can't in K, so I am looking forward to it.

    Mrs. Shelton’s Kindergarten

  31. Awesome freebie, thank you! I used the daily five in my student teaching and have purchased both of the books. I need to go back and re-read them, I would love to join in your book study.

  32. Book Study - I want in! Please shout it loud and clear when you start!


  33. I have done Daily 5 in my classroom for 2 years, but would love to hear others ideas. Please count me in for the book study.

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  35. I can't wait for the book study!! I've done the Daily 5 and CAFE in my classroom this year and LOVE it. The K-2 teachers at my school are all using it next year. The Sisters are coming to Atlanta in August...I can't wait for the conference!!

  36. I can't wait to begin! I want to start Daily Five this fall. Thanks so much!

  37. I LOVE your Boggle freebie. When I tried to download it, it said that the file was damaged and could not be repaired. Is there a way you can send me the file to my e-mail at sandywoot26@yahoo.com? Thanks!

  38. I am trying to get the boggle freebie too - can you direct me where it is? I am at 'thebooklady01@gmail.com'