Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KD5 Ch3 Linky Party


 I am getting excited to start D5..what about you?! I am thinking of how I can set up my room. I try to "physically" stay away from school in June. So, I will be ready to go up in the next couple of weeks. I promise I will take pictures!

 First up, your gathering place. I still haven't come up with a cute name for my gathering place! Uggg! What about you?

 Good fit books I love the shoe lesson that the sisters talk about in their book. I have also seen some great lessons using Goldilocks and The Three Bears....which I love because I use that book at the very beginning of the year to introduce several comprehension concepts! There are so many Goldilocks books that you can use!!

 This fun version is perfect for an I PICK lesson!

 Here are some cute puppets to use too!!

 I created this FREE  pack to go along with this!! Click the pink title page below to download your copy! There is a poster for each I PICK AND....I made a poster for too hard books, too easy, and just right books!

 I also have some Comprehension sets that I use (with Goldilocks theme) available!
This packet includes:
Posters: author, illustrator, character,
setting, plot, and sequence of events
4 different station response sheets

This packet includes:
Posters: cause and effect, classify and categorize, compare and contrast, draw conclusions, main idea and details, and realism and fantasy

Anchor charts- I am struggling with space on this. We have a fire marshall...although, I have never actually "seen" him, I think he is real! :-) We are not to have more than 20% of our wall space covered with paper. I have been looking for ideas on how to store these and make them visible! I want the kids to be able to use what we create! I would love to hear your ideas!

Book Boxes- I am so excited about my new book boxes!! I bought these from Really Good Stuff.
I made some super cute book box labels to go with my color scheme this year. Click on the title page below to go to my TpT store. These match the FREE name tags, desk plates, and cubby tags that I shared earlier. :-)

Calm signals and check in procedures- I bought the cutest chimey thingy majigs!
 As far as check in procedures...I love the sisters' idea with the thumb in front of their heart! I am wondering if there is a way that I can have them check in with me and everyone NOT see what they are doing. I know that we would talk about it...not mattering what others do, or how they feel they did during D5 time....hmmm?! I will be thinking more on this one!

Holy schnikey....LONG POST! If you are still with me, then you get a cupcake!! :-)
Now, for the link up! I can't wait to read your posts! Ready....Set....Go!!


  1. Love the chimey thingy majigs!!! Cute ♥


    Kindergarten is the Best

  2. I am not doing this study with you, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading everyone's posts. I have one of those chimey thingy majigs and they are GREAT! My kids love having a turn to "do the ding".

  3. I love your poster set! I already purchased both of your comprehension packets and know I will enjoy these news ones just as much. Maybe students can check in with their hands in front of their heart and their eyes closed so no one else sees? I sometimes have my students do thumbs up/thumbs down activities with their eyes closed so that I can see who really knows the correct answers and who relies on copying a neighbor. I think it would work well in this situation too! Thank you for this book study, I am learning so much!

    Kari :)

  4. What a great article! The poster set is wonderful!

  5. Thanks for the posters. I love the idea of using them for teaching kids the procedures for choosing books. also enjoying the book study.

  6. Our fire marshal is the same way. I get so jealous when I see other teacher pics of furniture and fabric and paper everywhere. I can't get away with that =/ I think my anchor charts might work if I keep them on my chalkboard. I think I'll work on a "ask for forgiveness, not permission" basis and do what I can until they say no =)

    Kinder Kraziness

  7. First time I have written anything for a linky party, but I LOVE the Daily 5 and thought this would be a good time to jump in. Thanks for all the good ideas!

  8. love, love, love everything you have added to help support us in D5. thank you so much for doing this. i feel so much better about starting this in kindergarten this year! i have linked up with so many wonderful people through this. i know it is a lot of work for you but it is making a big difference for me!

  9. Your Goldilocks idea is great. I too have a hard time with anchor charts, mostly because I run out of wall space. I could put them up hight but then the kids wouldn't be able to see them. I purchased the same book bins (mine shipped today :D ) I love your chimey thingy majigs. CUTE! Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  10. Love this book study, thanks for sharing so many great ideas! I'm moving to first grade next year, but since I'm just leaving Kinder, I thought I would join the fun :)
    First Grade Dual

  11. I love your Goldilocks idea and the freebies! Thanks for hosting this chapter. I am really enjoying reading everyone's ideas.
    Kickin' it in Kinder

  12. I love the Goldilocks idea! It's such a perfect tie in! I linked up and share a great idea for anchor chart storage issues in my post!

    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  13. Love these labels!!! BTW, make sure you stop by my blog and join because my first giveaway is going live in less than 24 hours!

  14. Great post! I am having a giveaway - come and take a look!



  15. Hi Tammy,

    I am beyond obsessed with your Goldilocks ideas! I ordered the few books that I didn't already have. Thank you for your amazing hard work :)


  16. Tammy, just stopping by to tell you what a great job you have done with this book study. I have enjoyed myself so much through this process. Everything is well organized and so helpful. I am IN for the next one for sure. Wonderful job!!!

  17. Great post! I used the Goldilocks method last year and my kiddos loved it!! I need some help with book boxes this year. I bought a set from Lakeshore last year, but they have discontinued them. I like the ones from Really Good Stuff, but they can be a bit pricey. Anyone know where I can get some inexpensive and sturdy book boxes?

  18. Thank you so much for doing this. I wanted to mention that there are CDs that enable you to make emergent readers that include the child's name as a character in the story. The kids love them and makes it easier to track the print since most recognize their name or then learn to recognize their name. This is the link to the CD that includes about 14 books from level A to C.

  19. Hi Tammy! I just saw your ABC's of First Grade on TPT.. so cute! Then I came to your blog and saw this great freebie! I love the IPICK posters. Now I'm your newest follower!
    I did want to ask how you put up PPT's on TPT with graphics. Is there a way to lock the graphics so the file can be editable? Thanks so much!
    Sample’s Superstars

  20. Thank you! I did not participate in the study but I too love reading the posts. The ideas have been great. I did start Daily 5 last year but some of the ideas are far better than what I did.

  21. I love the goldilocks posters - awesome - Thank you Thank you!!

    Kindergarten Lifestyle

  22. I love the Goldilocks posters! I'm a new follower and a fan!

    Heather at TeachItToday!

  23. I love using Goldilocks to teach the I Pick concept. Thanks so much for the posters!

  24. I bought those boxes last year and LOVE them. You won't regret that purchase. A whole year of torture (love?) from my students and they still look BEAUTIFUL I bought another set for my expanding group of kiddos next year!

    Polka Dots and Teaching Tots

  25. Thank you so much for the good fit set! They are adorable. Liz

  26. I love your blog! I just started my own, but I'm learning as I go along. I'd love it if you had any comments on my blog. Thanks!


  27. Okay, so I am totally new to this kindergarten and Daily5 thing. I am so excited to start this in my classroom, but at the same time I am a little freaked out, too! How do you fit this in with your reading program? Like I have Scott Foresman. Please help.

  28. I just added my blog to the linky party, but how do I add your little button so that my readers can link back to your post for the rest of the "linkers"? Thanks

    ✿ Stacy
    Land of Aha-Z!

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  30. i would love to download your supercute goldilocks set but the when i click the link it is telling me the document is not available :(
    what to do?!

  31. Hi, I am having trouble finding the "too easy" and "too hard" posters that go with the "I Pick Good Fit Good Fit Books" (which I love and want to display in my classoom). Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.