Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hoodwinked and a FREEBIE

I know that Halloween is over, BUT....this is such a cute book! I don't know about you best "stuff" comes to me while I am reading a story, or when one of my kinders asks a question about the story that we are reading.

I was reading "Hoodwinked" by Arthur Howard. You can click on the book cover below to buy the book.

It is a super cute story about a little witch who loves everything creepy...the creepier the better! Well, she needs a pet. She tries out a few creepy pets and even named them creepy names! They just weren't right for her. So, she is sitting at home watching creature feature and hears a scratch, scratch, scratch at the door. My kids were so excited and began guessing right away what they thought it was! LIGHT BULB! Stop reading. Get computer and whip up a response sheet real quick. Talk about making predictions. I encouraged the kids to think about what they thought was scratching at the door. I had them draw and write about it and even name their pet. Some drew creepy pets. Some drew cute pets. We shared our writing and then gathered back and finished the story! It was so much fun!
You can download your FREEBIE by clicking the picture below. :-) Sorry it's after Halloween.


  1. Sorry, but my brain is always on "edit." I try to stop doing it, but I can't. In your freebie, it should be "Its", not "It's." When you put in the ', it means "It is", so you need to change it to "Its" to show possession.
    Great sheet.

    1. Hi...I actually know that. It was a typo...easy fix. I am pretty anal about those things. Honestly, I think my computer did an auto correct. Thanks

  2. Thank you!
    this is wonderful!

  3. This sounds adorable! I also get my ideas while I'm reading a story. I usually save it for next year. So smart to stop and act on it.