Thursday, December 27, 2012

Daily 5 In January {Work On Writing and Word Work}

Hoping everyone is enjoying their time off and getting ready for 2013! How is Daily 5 going in your classroom? I will be honest...I feel like this year it is trial and error for me. I do know that I will begin D5 next year right at the beginning. I hope that I can give up some of the "control" too :-) I really think that is the hardest part for me!! What about you?

Here are the activities that my Kinders will be doing when we go back to school in January.

First on writing! These packets are used strictly for D5 time. I do not use them during my Writer's Workshop. Those are completely separate times for me. 

This work on writing packet includes several options for writing!  You can get your packet by clicking on the title page below.

Journal writing: You can choose which writing form is best for your kiddos!

Themed Vocabulary Posters: You can use these for read or write the room. Sometimes I will choose one and that is the one that they need to write a sentence about (word of the day type of deal). I have included large and small versions of the posters. Themes included are: New Year's, Winter, and Chinese New Year. 

There are several different writing forms included:
Drawing a detailed picture, draw a picture and label, list making, letter writing, and post cards. 

This is my January Word Work packet! You can get your packet by clicking on the title page below. This packet contains:
24 themed word cards

5 different word work activities
Write The Word

Stamp A Word

Word Scramble

ABC Order

Rainbow Writing

I hope to post my Read To Self, Read To Someone, and Listen To Reading sometime this weekend!


  1. Love love love! I just love your writing stuff!

    Jennifer from Simply Kinder.

  2. Thank you for creating kindergarten leveled Daily 5 activities! This our first year of implementing it and I feel like it is hit and miss.

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