Thursday, May 31, 2012

Word Wall Headers/Letters

Ohhhh....the word wall! A source of struggles for me for the past few years. I have read so many different opinions as far as: where it should be, what should be on it, what the letters should look like, should it be interactive, should you have more than one!?! So MANY questions and differing opinions!

Here is my solution....why just have one word wall?! My room is not square and it's not a rectangle! WHAT SHAPE IS IT you say?! Well, it has a funky slanted wall, but my room is HUGE!  They hung a big bulletin board over some cubbies that I have. I am sorry. I do not have a picture. (That is on my list for next year...take more pictures.) Anywaaaaay, That board can be seen by my kids from everywhere in the room. So, I wanted to put one of my word walls there. I have that one color coded! I put our high frequency words on yellow, girls names on pink, boys names on blue, and math words on orange.

I made new word wall letter headers for this word wall. You can click on the title page to download your FREEBIE! :-)

My second word wall is an interactive word wall. The kids can take the words off if they want to. It is much lower...easier for them to manipulate....therefore can't really be seen from anywhere in the room. I use the cards from my Letter Land packet on this wall. It has the letter card AND the beginning sound picture card too! You can click on the title page below and it will take you directly to that product in my store. I have a few versions available and actually working on a few more. I have had lots of requests for this to be redone in different backgrounds, colors and fonts. I post them as soon as I get them done.

I would love to hear about your word wall!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Name Tags

How many of you use those self adhesive name tags for the first week? I did too! I finally figured out to laminate them, hole punch them and then string yarn around them. THERE...problem solved. WRONG! Well, unless my little Kinders to almost hang themselves on the playground with those name tags...I needed to find another solution to my problem. 

I loved those cutesy name tags. I wasn't quite ready to give them up yet. One of my teammates had a great idea....can't really say where it came from...but we used it! We still used those cutesy name tags, laminated them and this time put them in badge holders!! You can get these from Wal Mart, Target, or an office supply store! 

You also need the clips!!
Now, if you buy the name tags from a school supply store/catalog....leave them on the backing and laminate! You can write their names on AFTER with a sharpie. They fit perfectly in these name badges! 

I use these the entire first week and maybe longer! I may have to replace a couple (due to the chocolate milk puddle that was INSIDE the name badge lol) Oh...I almost forgot...important tip: Make sure the opening, where you slide the name tag in, is in the BACK! It saves a few. You will probably still have to replace 1 or 2, but much better than trying write out new ones each day.

Of course, I had to make some that matched my color scheme! You can click on the title page to download your FREE copy!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition {Cubby/Locker Tags}

I used to buy new name tags every year! I used to buy new cubby guessed it...EVERY YEAR! Well, that was until I was introduced to 2 of the best ideas EVER!

First up, the cubby tags. You can buy these at any office supply store or even Wal-Mart. They are self adhesive business card holders. You place them inside the cubbies/lockers and voila!! You are good to go for exaggeration...I am for real people! I have had the same holders for 3 years now and they still look perfect! I can use them again next year.
Now, what do you put in them?! Well, you can print your student's names on business need to laminate because you are placing them in the holders! You can also create your own. The business card holders are 3 1/2 by 2 inches. At the beginning of the year, I type their first name only. Typically most of my Kinders recognize and write their first names by the end of 1st quarter. So, then I change to last names.

One year, before I had seat sacks, I used these adhesive labels to put on the backs of their chairs. Those cards I labeled with their student number!! I have created some cubby tags for you to print. There is one blank page and pages that are numbered 1-30 (I hope you don't have more than 30 students!) To download your FREE copy click on the title page below.

Come back tomorrow for name tags that will make it through the first week of school AND be able to be used when you are gone...with your sub!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Daily 5 Book Study for Kindergarten

Thanks for stopping by! I am so excited about beginning Daily 5 next year in my classroom. I have heard some great things. Thank you to all of you that have encouraged me to begin this book study for Kindergarten! I hope that you will join us each week.  We will look at a chapter each week. Every Friday, we will post which chapter we will be discussing and also list the guiding questions. I hope that this will beneficial to all of us!

Week 1) Intro
Week 2) Foundations of the Daily 5
Week 3) Key Materials, Concepts, and Routines for Launching
Week 4) Read to Self
Week 5) Read to Someone and Listen to Reading
Week 6) Work on Writing and Word Work
Week 7) Putting It All Together and Troubleshooting

What do I need to do?
First, you need to either purchase the book, or go to your local library and check it out. I have provided a link (click the picture above) where you can purchase it from Amazon. 

When does it start? 
On June 8th,  I will launch our study here on my blog. I am still working on the other Kindergarten teachers who will host the other chapters.

 How do I participate? 
Make sure that you  follow the blogs who are hosting the chapters. Also, make sure that you follow the schedule. 

If you have a blog:  
You can create a post and link up with the hosting blog. It's simple! I will share a blog post on how to do this :-)

If you do not have a blog:  You are always welcome to comment on the blog post to share your ideas. If you create something to share, then you can upload it to Google Docs and share the link in your post, or you can email it to me and I will make sure that I post it for you credit of course.

Make sure you have your book by June 8th :-)

I have never organized a book study hang with me people. LOL! My bloggin' buddy Deedee over at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten is also conducting a book study this Summer, In Pictures and In Words. You should head over and check that. I will be participating in that one also. She was gracious enough to let me use her outline and how to get started. She has also graciously shared her "Book Study Book Mark" with me too. As soon as I have the other K teachers lined up, then I will post that too. Thanks Deedee!!

Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition {Monthly Storage}

Here is another PINSPIRATION project. I pinned this last Summer too! I just never bought the drawers...honestly, just really couldn't decide if I wanted a color or white?! 

I found these at Target! I love Target! Who doesn't love Target?! Do you love Target...I know that you do!! :-) 

Now, I had to make labels for each drawer! So, here are your labels for FREE!! Click on the title page below to get your free copy.

 I will put Aug/Sep, Oct, Nov on the blue drawers.

I will put Dec, Jan, Feb on the pink drawers

I will put March, April, May on the green drawers

Sunday, May 27, 2012

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie FREEBIE

I love, love, love Laura Numeroff's books! If you don't have this book, then simply click the link below! It is definitely one of my kids' favorites!!
I have created a mini literacy unit to use with my Kinders at the beginning of the year. It includes sequencing/retelling cards and a letter/beg sound match! Click the title page below to grab your FREEBIE!

My dear bloggin' buddy Mary, from Sharing Kindergarten has created a fabulous literacy unit to go with this too!! It is a perfect add on unit to my freebie :-)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Sale 20% off!!

I am linking up and joining in on the Memorial Day Sale! You can get 20% off of everything in my store Sunday and Monday.

Writer's Eye Poster FREEBIE

This was one of the very first things that I pinned when I started Pinterest last year. I never got around to making it!
The pinned photo led me to this adorable blog!! Mrs. Phippen Laugh while you learn! Thanks for such a cute idea. You can click on the header below and it will tak you directly to her blog post!
I wanted to create a set that matched my color scheme!! So, I finally made it...and it is FREE for you!! Click on the title page to grab your FREEBIE.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Extreme Make Over Classroom Edition {NEW STUFF!}

It is my first day of Summer vacation TODAY!! My report cards are done. My room is packed up. Woo Hoo!! I love Summer! I also received my Really Good Stuff yesterday too! I LOVE IT!! I will be starting Daily 5 next year. So, I will be hit the ground running with my new STUFF!! I LOVE STUFF! lol!

This is what I bought!!

I will use these for their book boxes, "Read To Self."  They will fit in their cubbies. I am sorry I can take pictures of where they will be just yet since my whole room is shoved in there! :-) 
I bought these for "Listen To Reading." I will hang some hooks on the wall and this will be more of a take and listen. I will put individual cd players in each one.
Here are my new library book baskets! I need to buy some shelves for these! Any ideas? I love the label holders that it comes with, but not crazy about the labels. Sooooo, I am working on labels that will fit the holders!! Much cuter!!
Ok, here are my thoughts on these...I want to use these for "Work On Writing." They can keep all of their writing materials in here. I will make each student a writing folder! 
This is what I will store word work activities in! I have a wall of cubbies (don't hate me lol) that are 12 across and 4 down. These fit in them perfectly!!
I also bought matching pencil/marker baskets :-) 

Here are my new table baskets. I have had desks...which I have loved, but think that I am ready switch back to tables. I hope I can find neon seat sacks! :-)
Well, that's all of my purchases for now!! :-) I have a FREEBIE for you! I made a new "WELCOME" sign for my classroom.You can click on the title page to get your FREE banner!
I have already shared this with a few friends. One of my good bloggin' buddies, Caitlin over at Kindergarten Smiles already made hers!! :-) She was so sweet to send me a picture! She cute out each pennant and backed it with black cardstock, laminated it, hole punched the corners, and tied to together with super cute ribbon!
 She always has cute ideas and lots of pictures! If you don't follow her already, then head on over....tell her I sent you :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Behavior Clip Chart FREEBIE

Extreme Makeover {Classroom Edition} Part 2: Behavior Clip Chart
Click on the title page below to grab your FREEBIE!! 

I used this behavior system this year and loooooved it! I love that the kids can move up or down. I even let my kids that clipped down to yellow, move back up to green, if their behavior warranted it! I need to create a "red note" and maybe a "pink note":-) I saw this on pinterest last Summer. Here is where the original pin lead me. I love their ideas and how they jazzed up their clips!! SUPER CUTE!!
 I hope to post pictures tomorrow of my BOGGLE board, my put together clip chart and my word wall (which will include some FREEBIES) for you!! :-) 

I have 6 more days of school! WOO HOO!!