Sunday, August 19, 2012

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed....

These books are some of my students' favorites! I love them too! It gives me chance to get my old lady voice out. I love when they retell the story and use their best old lady voices! We sometimes talk about what it might sound like if the other items were telling the story!

I am in the process of updating all of my old lady packs! I hope to have those done this week!  If you have already purchased some, then simply go to your "My Purchases" tab and redownload :-) You can also order the book by clicking on the book cover from Amazon. Here are the first three months to get you started! 

Would you like to see all of my old lady packs in one ginormous bundle?




Friday, August 10, 2012

A Sale and MUST HAVES!!

I  love sales. Do you love sales? Who DOESN'T love sales?! LOL! On Sunday August 12th and Monday August 13th you can get all of the products in my store for 28% off. I am offering 20% and TpT is offering 10%. I know what you are thinking...20+10=30....I KNOW. However, TpT takes 10% off of my already 20% actually 28%.  To get the discount you must enter BTS12

 One item that I would like to share with you is my Literacy Work Stations Starter Set. If you plan on doing LWS this year, then this packet is for you! I have updated with a different font and cute stripes and polka dot backgrounds!

Here are a few things from other sellers that I think are BTS must haves!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Schedule Board

I am officially back at school. The tiredness hasn't hit me...YET! I am sure it will kick in on Monday or Tuesday. I get my new kiddos on Wednesday!! My room is coming together...slowly, but surely! I finished my schedule board today (in between the umpteen million very important and so super relevant to Kindergarten meetings that we had today...cough cough...SARCASM!)

I am changing it up this year. I want to have my schedule close to our meeting place. I usually add "time" into my calendar in Jan/Feb. I typically had a clock and I just changed the time every day. Well, I thought...what better way to teach time to these Kinders than to make it relevant to their day. Now, I will start out with introducing each segment of our day. I will eventually add the time piece in, but not right away.

I have our schedule divided into two. The left side shows our morning and the right side shows our afternoon.
I looooove how bright and cheery it is!! I have my extra cards to the right in a separate chart.

 Those extra cards are like birthday, library, computer lab, art, etc...the stuff we don't have everyday. :-)

You can get my customizable schedule cards by clicking the title page below! 

I adore the letters that are at the top! Those are from my blogging buddy Caitlin!

 You can get your set by clicking below! It will take you directly to Caitlin's TpT store. They are so colorful and match everything that I have PERFECTLY! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Guest Post by Sharing Kindergarten

Hi Live Love Laugh Love Folks. I am Mary from Sharing Kindergarten

I am a HUGE fan of Tammy. She is a great blogging friend of mine. She gives me great advice all the time. In fact... she suggested I get a "blog makeover" a while back. It was the best advice and I am so glad I did. (Thanks for looking our for me Tammy!)

It is back to school time and I hope you are hunting along with the Back to School Blog Hunt I put together. Each post has an idea or freebie for back to school.
We also have a Pinterest board with all the products pinned. You can't get behind with this.

I want to share with you a techy tip that I LOVE for each and every school year! I create a yearly file for each school year and a file with first of the year papers in that yearly file. Last year it was named 2011-2012. This year it is 2012-2013.

That way I can keep all the yearly documents I need where I can get them. For example, class lists, pdfs of report cards, or RTI graphs.
I also put all my newsletters, notes home, and modified items in this file.

But... here is the BIG time saver....
Create a folder on your computer with all your beginning of the year files... like
-homework check off sheet
-parent volunteer sign up sheet
- ice cream money graph
-baseline assessment info
-lunch numbers

Copy and paste the file into a yearly file (2012-2013 as an example) so you always have those forms ready. You won't forget about any needed document because they are all together. Plus, if you edit them all at them at the same time, you can remember to CUT AND PASTE your class list into the existing files, saving you even more time.
(I honestly thought everyone organized their digital files this way, but perhaps you didn't think about doing it this way?)

Once I have my class list typed, I can add my student names to ALL the files in less than 5 minutes... SCORE!

*Just in case you don't know how to create a folder.... 
1. Select the location (My Documents, Desktop, etc.)
2. RIGHT click one time.
3. Find and select "New..."
4. Select Folder (close to the top)
5. Double click the "New Folder" name and select rename.
6. Pick your file name. (like the school year or first of the year forms.)

 How do you organize your digital files? Does this little tip help?
  Mary Amoson, Sharing Kindergarten

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chicka Chicka Unit and FREEBIE!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!! Who doesn't love this story?!  This a great book to begin the year with. It is a great introduction to letters. I am sure you already have this book in your library...IF NOT, then you can purchase your copy on the cover.
I just uploaded my "Chicka Chicka Literacy Unit!" If you click on my title page will take you directly to my TpT store.

This unit includes an UC, LC and beginning sound match.

Play-Doh mats

Missing Letters

Race to Trace activities

I am having such a great week this week..don't know why really, but folks I am just down right GIDDY! :-) Soooo, you reap the benefits of my giddiness....two words I am not really sure how to spell right there...don't judge! LOL! :-) Anywho, I made a rhyming activity to go along with CCBB...woo hoo...YAY ME! Here you go! Grab your free copy by clicking the cover page below.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

End of Summer Countdown

Well, I finally did it! I went into school today. My teammate was there and she is almost DONE! She is doing a super cute Safari theme. Maybe she will let me take some pics and share them with you. She has gone Safari CRAY-CRAY...for real people! Her lamps are Safari! Tell Kim that you want me to share pictures of her room! :-)

I can NOT even believe that I am going to show these pictures to you, but I know...somewhere...out there...there is someone freaking out just like me! LOL! 

This first picture is just outside of my room looking in. YUP, those are Really Good Stuff baskets you see through the window. I bought ALL NEW baskets...woo hoo!!

These next three pictures are just of random madness...bahaha! I am sharing the before pics with you in hopes that it will put the pressure on me to GIT R DONE! 

What did I get done today? Well, I got my layout figured out...for the most part anyway. I may need to do some tweeking tomorrow. I did get three of my boards started! The fabby colored baskets will house my read month! I can't wait to get my labels on them! They match my organizational binder covers. YAY FOR MATCHING!
Here is my organizational binder set. I will be adding the labels for my read alouds...hopefully tonight!

I got my number line and alphabet set hung up! They are so bright and cheery...L.U.V. them! The black space below is where I will hang my calendar.

 Here is the alphabet set that is available in my TpT store :-)

Here is my number line. The last picture is a little blurry...sorry!

Here is the number line set that is available in my TpT store.

Here is my super cute voice level chart! I so love how it turned out!! Are you tired of me saying that?! I am sorry! I am just so stinking excited! 
Here is my voice level chart that is available in my TpT store :-)
Hopefully, tomorrow I will get my helper board, birthdays, schedule, Daily 5, and colors done! Whoa...that's alot. LOL! That is all for tonight folks! This chic is P.O.O.P.E.D! Going back to school is kind of like child birth...good thing we forget what it's like! LOL!