Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Read The Room FREEBIE

Ok, I keep thinking that I am going to feel "caught up" any day now! Does anyone else feel like this? Please tell me yes!? I still feel like my day is just not flowing right! Ugggg! We will get there...I am sure.

I have also been neglecting this poor little blog of mine (totally sang that to the of this little light of mine) Anyyyyywhooooo....I do have something for you! Most of you will remember when all of the D.R.A.M.A happened with DJ Inkers. Can we post? Can we not post? Can we sell? Can we not sell? Well, bloggin buddies...we can!! I am official! I have a license from DJ Inkers! Woo Hoo! I have so many files that I use DJ Inkers clip art and fonts! It is crazy! I will have to take a picture of all of my cds and books. Although, I am sure there are some other DJI crazies out there too! LOL! :-)

Here is my first FREEBIE that I am going to share with you! It is a Fall Read The Room packet. I introduce these words in either small groups or large group. I post them around the room and kids are able to use them during write the room and read the room. You could also use them for other D5 activities or Literacy Work Stations!

You can get your copy by clicking on the title page below!

Happy Fall Y'all!! :-) I so don't talk like that, but there ya have it! If you don't follow my TpT store...then I would love for you to follow me.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Today was our first day of Apple-Palooza! I uploaded this pack yesterday.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apple Math Stations!

Happy Fall....sort of! LOL! The weather is beginning to change and college football is in full swing. It is FALL! I am from Nebraska City, the home of Arbor Day and the apple capital of Nebraska! :-) Every year we have what's called "Applejack Festival." Our little town of about 8,000 has about 40,000 visitors! YIKES! Well is getting me in the apple mood!

I am introducing Math Stations to my class. We learned a couple of games last week. I am trying to use games that we use all the same items. So, my first round of real math stations will only use dice. The next round will be ten frames, then number line, etc....until I eventually introduce all and we practice appropriate behavior with all. THEN, I will begin mixing the stations. Does that make sense? It does in my head :-)

I have included 10 fun dice games in this packet! Games included are:

Roll and Cover Up ( 2 and 3 die versions)
Make a Two Digit Number
Race To Games (to 20, to 50 and to 100)
Race To Trace (1 and 2 die versions)
Before and After
Top It
Roll and Color
Roll and Compare
Bump (1 and 2 die versions)
Clear It (1 and 2 die versions)

You can click on the picture above and it will take you directly to my TpT store.

We are having an Apple week next week. I am finishing a great packet for this. I hope to have it uploaded tonight or tomorrow! :-)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Small Group Management

HELLO FRIENDS! Yes, I am still alive....BARELY! lol! Is anyone else out there feeling B...E....A.....T!?  Whew! I tell ya...this time of year...1st grade looks better and better! No, I couldn't see myself teaching anything but K. I love my Kinders. I have such a sweet group. YAY ME!

I have so many things that I want to share with you. I just don't know where to start! I guess I will start with what I did today. My principal is giving all teachers a 1/2 day sub so that we can get all of our baseline assessments and text leveling done. WOO HOO! Well, I was done with most of my baselines, but needed to text level a few of my kiddos. I know what you are thinking....and NO I don't text level everyone. Some of them aren't ready to be leveled yet...and that's OK.

Once I finished with my assessments today, I decided to think about how I was going to pull my small groups. Some background...each grade level has one hour of untouchable, no new instruction, resource/intervention time. This hour is when we do literacy work stations/daily 5 activities. We have fabulous people to work with us and our kiddos. I know that I am very lucky.

Here is my super cute cover for my notebook. I will house all of small group info there!

Here is the 4.1.1 :-) I only pull small groups on M, T, Th, and F. Wednesdays are a short day for us...YES, I know...I said that I know that I am very lucky! This is what my small group schedule will look like. My 5's are my little sweeties that are struggling in letter naming and letter sounds. I will actually print this and put on the back of my LG folder...more coming on that.

Here are my plan pages. This a general plan for the week..what each group needs to work on.

Here are the daily plans that I will use...more specific.
I got this idea from Debbie Diller. Well, actually my teammate got this idea from Debbie Diller. :-) You use a file folder to organize your small groups. You take 5 pieces of different colored paper and cut to fit on the inside of the folder. I use 5 pieces because that is how many groups I will have. I actually made these...needed them to match my cover :-) Laminate the folder!

Now, you print each of your kiddos names on address labels. You adhere those to a sticky note. MAKE SURE YOU STICK IT TO THE TOP!! You want the sticky side of the note to be right behind your name label. You can cut off the excess. Now, you can place your kiddos names in the appropriate group. The great thing's not permanent! You can move them around as you need to! I will try to add a picture tomorrow. I am sorry that I forgot today!

This is what I put on the front of my folder.

Well, there it is people. Now, I just need to get my groups started! :-) I didn't share the forms. I didn't think that they would be useful as printables to anyone else because they are pretty specific. I just wanted to give you an idea. If you think it will be helpful to make a packet...let me know and I can add that to my "TO DO" list.