Sunday, December 30, 2012

Super Hero Time!

Happy Sunday! Don't you love Sundays when we don't have to go to school tomorrow!!?? I know that I do!! Woo Hoo!! When I go back to school, we will be starting our unit on Time and Money for Math. I created a fun little packed to use with Time! It has a fun Super Hero Theme :-) You can get yours by clicking the cover page below.

It contains activities for days of the week. Here are some of the picture cards included. I gave each day of the week a picture clue that begins the same. Sunny Sunday, Money Monday, Two Tuesday, Windy Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, French Fry Friday, Sat Saturday.

There are also activities for months of the year. Here are some of the cards included for this section: These are a few of the month scrambles. Your students can put the letters together to spell the months.

I have also included a few activities for time to the hour. I know that you common core peeps don't have to do time anymore, but it never hurts to introduce it :-)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Daily 5 in January {Read To Self}

Brrr!! It's cold outside! I ask myself every year...why do I live in Nebraska?! I loathe Winter! I have bloggin buddies all of other South and they are telling me temps there and I am just so jealous! Ok, enough Winter complaining from me! :-) 

I have a my Independent Readers done for January. I do not have the line art versions of this clip art :-( I usually still print them on our printer at school...which only prints in black and white...and make copies. I wish I could give all of my kiddos color versions, but that would cost a fortune. I usually do make 6 copies in color and laminate. I use these during small groups to introduce the readers. 

You can grab your copy by clicking on the picture below :-) 
I am working on a Read to Someone packet. As I mentioned in my last post...I really struggle with this one! I would love to hear what you do for Read to Someone? Which books do you use? Do you give them questions to ask each other when they are done? 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Daily 5 In January {Work On Writing and Word Work}

Hoping everyone is enjoying their time off and getting ready for 2013! How is Daily 5 going in your classroom? I will be honest...I feel like this year it is trial and error for me. I do know that I will begin D5 next year right at the beginning. I hope that I can give up some of the "control" too :-) I really think that is the hardest part for me!! What about you?

Here are the activities that my Kinders will be doing when we go back to school in January.

First on writing! These packets are used strictly for D5 time. I do not use them during my Writer's Workshop. Those are completely separate times for me. 

This work on writing packet includes several options for writing!  You can get your packet by clicking on the title page below.

Journal writing: You can choose which writing form is best for your kiddos!

Themed Vocabulary Posters: You can use these for read or write the room. Sometimes I will choose one and that is the one that they need to write a sentence about (word of the day type of deal). I have included large and small versions of the posters. Themes included are: New Year's, Winter, and Chinese New Year. 

There are several different writing forms included:
Drawing a detailed picture, draw a picture and label, list making, letter writing, and post cards. 

This is my January Word Work packet! You can get your packet by clicking on the title page below. This packet contains:
24 themed word cards

5 different word work activities
Write The Word

Stamp A Word

Word Scramble

ABC Order

Rainbow Writing

I hope to post my Read To Self, Read To Someone, and Listen To Reading sometime this weekend!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby New Year Craftivities

I am sitting here and waiting for the snow to begin! We are in a blizzard warning and expecting to get over 6 inches of snow...YIKES! No fear peeps! We have milk and bread (tee hee)! I have always wondered...why in the world do people rush out to get bread and milk when they are calling for snow?! Not much you can do with bread and milk. :-)

Anywho, I just finished a "Baby New Year Craftivities" pack!You can get your craftivities by clicking the cover page below.

I have included two different options for you and your students!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Fluency Freebie and Life :-)

First, I want to say my thoughts and prayers are with the entire Sandy Hook community. Such a senseless act of violence and so many lives effected. My heart breaks for those teachers, children, and their families. I hope you enjoy your students this week...have some fun and give them lots of hugs!

Second, I hope that you have noticed that I have been a bit MIA lately. Our house has been a bit hectic this last month. Very long and sad story short...we have taken in my newborn great nephew! He was born 6 weeks premature and needed a loving home to take care of him. My entire family decided that we would be that home. I will be honest...getting up every 3 hours is a bit tough on this "not quite as young as I used to be" lady! The feedings, the diapers, and the frantic shopping in less than 48 hours to be ready for him! My girls are so excited. I wish they were a little more excited at 2:00 and 5:00 AM when he is ready to eat, but this little guy is being snuggled and loved on all day long. 

Sooooo.....I hope that my life is getting back into a routine...a new routine...but routine none the less. :-) I created a freebie for you! I know that it is a little last minute for Christmas, but will be creating more themes for these too! My kiddos need practice naming letters fluently. Our district uses AIMSWEB for quarterly monitoring. I thought I would put a cute flair on it! You can have them name the letter or letter sound. 

You can grab your copy by clicking the cover picture below!

I have included upper and lower case letters and numbers (0-25)