Sunday, December 1, 2013

What's New and Cyber Monday Sale

Well, is everyone turkey hungover?! I know that Thanksgiving is not about the food...but darn it, I love turkey! Ohhh...and pumpkin pie with whipped cream! I have a problem with FOOD! LOL! I went shopping yesterday with two of my best girl friends. We went to Toys R Us and I saw a Twinkie maker! WHAT!? I can make my own Twinkies? You have NO idea how hard it was for me to walk away from that heavenly little thing. THEN, we made a pit stop at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I ordered my usual...caramel apple with nuts. I was walking out and say CHOCOLATE DIPPED TWINKIES!? It was like the Twinkie was reaching out for me all day. Did I have one? NOPE! I am determined to hit my 50 lb mark SOON! So, dear will have to wait!

Are you still there? Sorry about my Twinkie rant lol! I am writing tonight to tell you about the big TpT Cyber Monday/Tuesday sale!! My entire store is on sale. You can get everything for 28% off tomorrow and Tuesday! Simply click the button below to visit my store.
 I have posted a few new things! First up...some new word family packs!The first sets that I have finished are short a. Here is the mega pack, which includes -ad, -ag, -am, -an, -ap, and -at. Each family is listed separately for $3.00 (regular price) but combined price of $12.00. You save $6 by buying the bundle. The sale price will be less than $9.00...that's half off!!

Each word family contains several activities. A word family poster that includes words in the pack. I also included a blank poster. You can create your own poster with your students. 

Spin N Trace. Students spin the spinner and then trace the word on their recording sheet.

Spin It! Blend It! Color It! Students spin the spinner and then blend that beginning sound with the word family (blending onset and rime). They find the picture and color it.

Memory Match, you could actually use these cards several ways. Students could match picture to picture, picture to word, or word to is up to you.

Roll N Write
I have 2 different response sheets for this. Students roll the die and write the word. I have included a sheet that has the picture and one that has the word. 

Mystery Words
Students write the beginning sound for each picture to write the CVC word

Play Doh mats :-) (response sheet not shown)
CVC puzzles (response sheet not shown)
Mix N Fix Puzzles (response sheet not shown)
Where's That Sound
Students listen for either the beginning, middle, or ending sound after building the word.

Write The Room

Flip Book
This is great for wrapping up your word study!

 I hope to finish short e this week, and then one a week after that! Including blends and digraphs!


  1. Hi Tammy - your new pack looks so cute! I love adding spinners to my packs too. So interactive for the kiddos. Happy Sunday night... is that an oxymoron!?!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  2. These packs look great! I plan to share with my K teachers since I mostly blog on math. Thanks for the great work!
    AMSTI Kindergarten Style

  3. Well done Tammy! Great ideas. My class loves anything with a spinner!
    A Differentiated Kindergarten