Monday, January 20, 2014

New design and Math groups

Happy Monday friends! I have a new blog design and I.LOVE.IT!! Thank you Kassie! She was amazing to work with. I wanted something simple, but pretty....I think it's perfect!

So, how many of you were at home today!? We didn't have students, but I was being "developed" all day today! :-) You know, I actually enjoyed it! Sometimes it happens. You go to staff development and you come out energized and excited to try something new, or give something you have been doing a little PIZAZZ!

This morning we talked Math. I always love hearing what other people do in their classrooms. What's working? How do you get it all in!? Here is what I am struggling with during my Math block...I feel like I am not getting enough in. My kids are pretty high this year. I want to do a better job differentiating for each of them! My students that know how to tell time to the minute do NOT need to sit and listen to whole group lesson on telling time to the hour. This is simply a lack of planning on my part. I could be more organized and have a definite plan. 

Here is my plan! :-) I want to have 3 groups. That is manageable, right?! I will have group 1 (below level), group 2 (on level) and group 3 (above level). I will have a pre-assessment for each chapter and group students accordingly. I will use this sheet to keep track of my groups.

My Math block is one hour. For the first 15 minutes, we have calendar time. The next 40 minutes will be for Guided Math lessons, Math station, and a number sense activity. I will teach 3 mini lessons instead of 1 whole group lesson. Each group will see me, go to a station (skill specific to what we are learning in small groups) and then a number sense activity (specific to whatever set of numbers they are working on). 

In a 4 week period, my students will go to 16 stations and have an opportunity to practice numeration activities 16 times. I am currently working on a Winter Number Sense set. I hope to only change these activities out every quarter. The Math stations I will change out every 4 weeks.

I would love to hear how you run your Math block!! Please comment here, or on my Facebook page! I will have the Math packs posted this weekend! :-) If there are activities that you would like to see, then let me know.



  1. I would love to do the same thing! How many students do you have in your class? I have 28 Kinders, (about 20 of them are in the transitional Kinder program). Too many kids for a small group and not enough time in the day to see them all in small groups...looking for suggestions...

    1. 28!? YOWZA!! I have 21. What is the transitional Kindergarten program?

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  3. I have five math mini centers and five LA mini centers in color coded tubs. My 20 Kinders are grouped by their reading levels and stay together for math. Group 1 (high), 2 (med-high), 3 (med), 4 (med-low), 5 (low). The children stay on one activity for 20 minutes (that includes clean up and transitions). We switch/rotate the following day. I lead one group, the other four centers are independent. My math centers are based on what we are learning/reviewing. My other centers include IXL computer math program, dice games, math related activities integrated with our LA units. When the timer runs out, I give a signal to freeze, give directions then we clean up and meet at the rug for follow up. After the follow up, we repeat the same process but with LA activities. If anyone is not done, I place their unfinished work on their desk the following morning for morning seat work. I like this system but not in love with it.

  4. Your blog design seriously looks fabulous!!!!!
    Fun In First

  5. Love your new design!! I used to do my math block like that and LOVED it. I felt like my kinders were making SO much progress and moving at "their" speed. Now, with our lovely TN evaluations, doing math like that doesn't do you any favors with scoring well. We were told that when we are working with a small group and others are at stations, that students at stations have to be working on what we are doing that exact day. It's just too much to plan and get together to do a new station each day for each lesson, knowing that the kids will struggle and you won't be able to help. And explaining a new station (which would be leveled, so really 3 stations) each day is not feasible.

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

    1. Lindsey, don't you wish sometimes they would just let us do what we know we need to do?! How many teammates do you have? Could you maybe share the planning/prep? One teammate could plan your on level lessons/stations, one below level, and one above level. Still might be a lot of work, but maybe worth a try!

      I am super excited about getting my Math block up and running. Any tips on organizing? I will be sure to come back and share!!