Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Table Numbers FREEBIE

Happy Summer friends! I am OFFICIALLY on Summer break. My last day was last Thursday. I haven't been out for one week yet and I am ALREADY thinking about next year....what the what?!  Why do I do this? I am sure you do it too! LOL!

I love this ecard! It is so true! You know what I love though....when I see someone at the store or at the ball park and they give me one of these, "Wow, must be nice to only work 9 months out of the year and get paid for 12!"  I told my hubs that I am going to start carrying a taser with me and every time someone said that to me..well, they were gonna get tased! LOL! Ok, not really, but would like to sometimes! 

I have some new freebies for you! I still love the bright neon colors! I also love chevron, polka dots AND stripes! ;-) I made some new table numbers. I will use the circle ones above my tables. I couldn't decide if I liked the black or the white I made both! 
 I will use these on my board to keep track of table points. 

You can download your FREE table numbers by clicking the cover page below!


  1. These are awesome!! I'm just like you, I went to the teaching store already last week to start getting ideas for a new room theme! :) These will match it perfectly. Thank you!

  2. these are beautiful!! thanks for sharing!!! :)

  3. I am in love with these table numbers! Also, how neat it's a freebie! Mine are all beat up and looking kind of dingy, so these will be perfect and fresh- ready for August. I love how colorful they are. Just my style. Thanks!



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  6. Thank you so much, I am always needing these!

  7. These are awesome! Thank you for sharing! I love the bright colors :)