Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back To School!

I am heading back to school TOMORROW! As I sit and look at my schedule for the week, I wonder how in the world am I going to be ready....FREAK OUT TIME!! I still have so much to do before Open House on Thursday. I really wish that they would build in staff development during the year and not the first week. Give me what I need to know to start the year and let me work in my room for Pete's sake! FRUSTRATION!!!

Anyway, I know that you spend as much of your own money as I least let's tell my hubs that, OK?! TpT is having their big Back To School sale on Monday and Tuesday! You can save up to 28%! You will find everything that you need to get started!! This adorable button was made by my good friend Annie over at The Moffatt Girls

Here are my bright posters!! I love the colors! I have just never been one that can stick to a "theme," but colors...I can do colors! I like polka dots, stripes, and chevron! So, I use them all! :-) This set includes: alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors.

These are my schedule cards....that are EDITABLE!! You can print the ones that I use, OR you can type in your...bam...your schedule board will be totes cute ( I have spent waaaaay too much time with my teen daughters this Summer)

These are my helper cards and guess what....EDITABLE!!!!

I created this power point slide show to play during Open House! You KNOW how crazy it can families coming in, past students coming in to say hello and give hugs, and just trying to get to everyone...can be stressful! This has helped me a TON! It answers several questions that new families have for me. Hey, hey, hey and guess's E.D.I.T.A.B.L.E!! Woo Hoo!!

I created this next packet for my parents. I print it off and send it home with them at Open House! It is my ABCs of Kindergarten. There is a page for each letter. I type in important information that will help my parents throughout our year together. I will give you three guesses what I am going to tell you next :-) It IS editable.

This is a set of calendars that you can send home with parents OR use for yourself! Print and put it in a cute frame on your desk and use a dry erase marker to write in the dates, meetings, etc!

These newsletters match the calendars! I like things to match! :-) I use these newsletters as general info reminders. Basically, I bullet the things we will be learning the following week in each area.

I will be honest with you...totally in love with this next product! I use a facebook group to communicate with my parents. They love it! I love it!!

I love start outing my year with the next two big books!!


  1. Can you tell me where you got your lime green pocket charts?

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