Saturday, August 2, 2014

Parent Communication {Newsletters and Calendars}

This is my last weekend before I have to report back to school on Monday....sigh. This time of year is like no other though, is it?! I feel anxiety about being ready, excitement for meeting your new students and their families, and hopefulness about starting organized and ready to try all of the new things you have found on blogs and pinterest (wink).

I started a post last week about communicating with parents. I showed you how to start a Facebook group. Today, I want to go a more traditional route. Let's talk about newsletters and calendars!

 I do still send a weekly newsletter home in Friday Folders. However, I use it mainly as just giving quick info. For example, I will bullet the skills that we will be working on the following week.

I do NOT print each family a color copy. I print one and then make copies front/back. I try to print them on the same colored paper each week. This way parents know what to look for.  You can also save your newsletter as JPEG and upload it to your Facebook/Instagram as a picture. I usually upload my newsletter to Google Doc and then share that link on my Facebook group too. This way parents can print the newsletter off at home, if they need to. 

My newsletter pack is editable! You can use the version that has the headers already there OR you can add your own on the completely editable set! The only things you can NOT edit are the placement of the boxes or the clip art that is already there. You can get this set in my TpT store by clicking the cover below.

Editable Newsletters

The last Friday of each month I send home a calendar for the following month. I add special days, specials schedule, and any other important information that parents might need to know throughout the month. I print the calendar and then copy on a different color than my newsletter. You can also save this a JPEG and share via web, just like the newsletters! 
I have an editable calendar pack that matches my newsletter pack! You can add your own dates and information. 

You can get this set in my TpT store by clicking the cover below.
Editable Monthly Calendars


  1. I love your format! I think it will be easier for the parents to understand the key concepts at a quick glance, versus a long 3 paragraph letter. It's on my wish list and I will definitely be buying it next time I load my cart up. I have to back away from my wish list for a week or so to let my credit card cool down!

  2. I love those newsletter templates! I'm gonna use those to email to the parents every week. So cute!

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  3. I love the newsletter template and calendar. I am moving to kindergarten after teaching 5th grade for 14 years. These are going to make the transition easier. Thanks!